Since 2007 and the creation of North Carolina (NC) Senate Bill 3 which is our states Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, we have steered the ship at Agriment Services toward Renewable Energy Programs. This is the only law of its kind in the United States since it specifically mandates that energy providers use waste streams from both poultry and swine farms to create Renewable Energy in NC. This portfolio also includes Wind and Solar energy projects which along with generous tax credits has catapulted NC into being ranked the second-largest solar energy state in the United States. We have assisted many companies in completing Environmental Assessment & Impact reports for the placement of solar facilities in NC.

Agriment Services realized immediately the impact of NC Senate Bill 3 to North Carolina's solar energy potential. We brought in an Environmental Project Manager to specifically target the niche market of assisting Solar Energy Companies in permitting and compliance of their proposed sites. We have consulted on hundreds of USDA Rural Development Environmental Assessment & Impact reports in accordance with 7 CFR § 1970, conducted tribal consults, and offered mitigation and monitoring options for our clients.

We have steered Agriment Services in the direction of helping get the Renewable Energy in NC standard enacted to give our producers more waste stream options as regulation continues to be placed on our industry. We have many intelligent minds and companies out there trying to satisfy the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard in NC. Agriment Services stands poised and positioned to continue to help these Renewable Energy Companies by providing fuel procurement and transportation to their facilities along with navigating the regulation requirements of the industry. We also offer special testing and blending services to help optimize these qualifying materials for their efficiency and production.