When Agriment Services began as a company, we spent countless hours around lagoons. At first we designed them and then we started sampling them as it became a requirement. We analyzed every component of the waste stream from lagoon liquid to lagoon sludge. We also looked at how this material developed and how concentrated the materials can become within the lagoon. We have worked on methods of mixing, biological treatment, dewatering, and land application of the waste streams. Lately we have managed lagoon storage and levels through chronic rainfall conditions. We have a fleet of trucks and equipment for the purpose of maintaining lagoon levels during excess rain events.



  • Land Application 
  • Lagoon Level Gauge Installation
  • Irrigation Designs
  • Wettable Acre Determinations
  • Wireless Monitoring Systems for Precipitation, Lagoon Level and Totalization 

  • Calibration of Irrigation Equipment

  • Distributor of Covers / Liners for IEC Lagoon Covers