Farming operations used to be about livestock and crops, and it still is. But many farming operations have expanded into non-traditional areas as family and corporate farms look for new ways to monetize farm operations. Working farms can also pull double duty as venues for education and entertainment, activities broadly termed as 'agri-tourism'.

Special insurance coverage is needed to protect your investment in equipment, crops, livestock...and any agri-tourism pursuits. Special liability insurance is required to protect your income and business from claims arising from worker injury, consumer illness related to eating or processing farm produce, or injury to visitors on farm premises. And because many farms are also residences, the line between farm operations and residential insurance needs are often blurred.

The Farm Insurance team at Snipes Insurance Service & Agriment Services can help you sort through the best ways to protect your equipment, personal property, farm operations, and legal liability risks. Our Farm Insurance team has over 100 years total experience and has worked with farmers all over eastern North Carolina.

"Having the right insurance is vital, but finding it can be daunting. You deserve the best insurance policy at the lowest rate possible - and Agriment Services, Inc. is here to help you find it. We simply can't affored to let our valued clients receive anything but the best valued service."


Ronnie G. Kennedy Jr.
President of Operations ASI