Sludge is a critical issue in anaerobic lagoons of all types. We chose to specialize in our field with mostly swine lagoons but have completed many commercial and industrial projects using our knowledge of the animal waste lagoon system. Mandatory sludge volume determination regulations have shined a bright light concerning sludge and the amount of excess space it takes from a lagoon's storage capacity. During chronic rainfall events, sludge levels cause more concern due to having less storage for these events.  Sludge removal and management is an overwhelming task for many producers and can be a financial strain. Agriment Services is there for our producers helping to avoid return trips to their financial institutions. We measure over 700 lagoons each year as an offered service to the swine producers of NC. Our sludge management programs have taken equipment and technology from around the world to benefit our producers and work constantly to lower costs. We land apply where appropriate and dewater material when appropriate. Sludge is also a qualifying material to create or enhance renewable energy programs moving forward in NC.


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  • Sludge and Manure Slurry Clean Outs

  • Bio remediation Programs for Sludge Management

  • Sludge Dewatering Program