Times are changing in regards to how sludge is handled and removed.  Having the ability to control the timing and placement (over several crop cycles)and to contain and create value added processes, will be instramental as we move forward. If your sludge land application sites are more than 2.5 miles from your lagoon then bagging cost will be comparable to conventional removal.  If you own or lease cropland, or are in the process of clearing new ground for crop production, this material can offset the costs of removing the sludge considerably. The Bagging Process gives producers much needed options as they deal with sludge maintenance and management.




Waste Management can be very broad term but is what we do here at Agriment. We manage many types of waste streams in accordance with all rules Federal and State. We are dedicated and committed to keeping our clients in compliance.



Our sludge management programs have taken bits and pieces of equipment and technology from around the world to benefit our producers.



With our years of experience in being around lagoons and our reasearch and development in manufacturing of bacillus blends, it was a natural fit to venture into the pond management business.



Since 2007 and the creation of NC Senate Bill 3 which is our states Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, we have steered the ship at Agriment Services toward Renewable Energy Programs.



We have managed lagoon storage and levels through chronic rainfall conditions. We have a fleet of trucks and equipment for the purpose of maintaining lagoon levels during excess rain events.


Agriment Services Inc. is proud to introduce the Sludge Buster Boat Bio-Program for sludge REDUCTION and removal in swine lagoons. The STATE OF THE ART Agitation Boat along with ASI Bio-Products gives our clients new tools and advantages in dealing with sludge in swine lagoons.


We can agitate, bio-treat, and remove sludge from your WHOLE lagoon using floating agitation. Fully remote controlled, powerful VERTICAL agitation brings solids off the bottom and creates a better chance for biological treatment and removal. This boat will replace 3-4 lagoon pumps , tractors and fuel on a large scale. Minimize excess traffic causing bank damage and improve agitation and fuel efficiency.


  • Basic Monitoring and Record Keeping for Swine and Poultry Facilities
  • Design of Waste Management SystemsEPA Cafo / Afo NPDES Compliance Assistance 
  • Nutrient Management Plans
  • Phosphorus Loss Assessment
  • Land Application 
  • Wetlands Determination
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Waste Management PlansBasic GIS Mapping 
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Soil Testing
  • Waste Testing 
  • Permitting of Animal Waste Management Systems
  • Closure Plans for Waste Management Systems
  • Odor Management Plan 


  • Sludge and Manure Slurry Clean Outs
  • Bio remediation Programs for Sludge Management
  • Sludge Dewatering Program 
  • Pond Cleaning & Treatment 
  • Pond Design 
  • Distributor of Covers / Liners for IEC Lagoon Covers 
  • Land Application 
  • Lagoon Level Gauge Installation
  • Irrigation Designs
  • Wettable Acre Determinations
  • Wireless Monitoring Systems for Precipitation, Lagoon Level and Totalization 
  • Calibration of Irrigation Equipment
  • Distributor of Covers / Liners for IEC Lagoon Covers